Monday, August 4, 2008

And They're Off

It's Monday night, a bit after 10 and I have only just now gotten both boys asleep. It stays light so much later here in the summer - which I love - much later than it does in LA or Louisiana, being that much farther north. So the long days don't help my boys get to bed, and my husband's family came over for sushi that we ate outside since there was no food in the house (and my husband is literally the most wonderful man in the world because he just left a few minutes ago to go to the grocery store, and I so thought I'd have to do that tomorrow. I am beside myself with joy that I don't have to.) We were in Saratoga this past weekend, and it was heaven! I adore it up there. All these beautiful farms and old barns, and then these darling little towns and villages filled with Victorian houses, and fabulous brick factories near railroad tracks that are now being used for artist collectives or office space, and great little shops, and streets that you just want to ride a bike down, and stop somewhere and climb a tree. We left Friday morning, but the night before, my husband and I went into the city to see Charles Bock and Richard Price reading at SummerStage in Central park. Here is a picture of the stage before they came on, and a picture of them, but blurred, so neither helpful to you at all, but they are all that I have. I am not a photographer!!
Yet insist on putting photos on here!!
Charles read from his new novel at Spoken Interludes this past May, and he was such a showman, so when I got an email from him that he was doing this, it sounded like the perfect summer date, which it was. We had dinner on Columbus, which was fine, but walked through the park, and that was wonderful. Charles was great - read the section he read at SI, a total heartbreak about the mother after the boy leaves, and then one about Cherry and Ponyboy, then Richard Price came on and was the elder statesman of night - kind of cranky, but sweet. Then we walked back through the park, and went for ice cream, and it was one of those perfect summer nights where there was no place more wonderful to be, except possibly walking along the Seine, but even then we'd be dealing with humiliation at the exchange rate, so this was better. All that is to say, that we played hooky from packing when we got home, then of course had to take both boys to the doctor in the morning - colds, nothing bad - so didn't get on the road until noon, but both boys slept and then were fine the rest of the way. it is only a 3 hour drive which they can do pretty well. Naps, snacks, and identifying every truck on the road, plus a couple of books, and we are there.
We stayed with good friends in Ballston Spa who live in the kind of house I have in my dreams - our is mid-century which I love now, but I will always feel more at home with bead board, and medallions, and deep porches. Isn't it heaven?? And my friend's taste is exquisite.
They have a darling 3 year old girl and she and my older son were
thick as thieves in two seconds. The game of the weekend was doctor. The bones in my husband's stomach were broken. My blood plessure (that isn't a typo) was bad, and had to be monitored constantly, and many shots were administered by all three children, yes, even my 18 month old got some in. I left right after we got there to do an event at The Round Lake library,
there it is. How darling is that?? I was checking my myspace page one day, and saw a friend request from this library, so I googled it, and it turned out to be literally 10 minutes from my friend's house, so I emailed them, and told them I was going to be there for an event at Borders that weekend, and would they like me to come by, and they kindly said yes, and there I was. It was so sweet. A lovely Victorian converted to a library. They had set out cookies and lemonade and watermelon. That kills me when people do that. Maybe it is a lifetime of being in a family that throws parties at the drop of a hat, but when someone puts out food, it really goes straight to my heart. It was a small group of us, but so fun. We talked like old friends, then I read for a bit. I read a section from the South Louisiana flashback part because there was a teenager there, and her 12 year old sister, and they had been telling me about being home schooled which I found fascinating - one reason I love doing these things, how else could I have met these people to hear about this?? - and their mother, who was like a more open and warm Kathy Bates, was with them and the LA section that I normally read has a couple of lines that are at a bit blue, but anyway. It was great fun, and they all bought both of my books, and I promised I'd come back. wonderful husband just returned with groceries. this entry is too long!! anyway. that was great fun, then I went back to our friends, and they'd made yummy dinner, and the next day we stayed around there, and it felt like early fall, there was a nice light breeze, and more friends came over with more yummy food, and the kids played. The Ballston Spa Film Festival was that weekend, and my husband was judging in it, so he went off for that stuff, then Sunday, while my husband took the kids to the races with our friends, I did a signing at Borders in Saratoga, and had a great time. Met lots of fun women, and sold all but a few of the books. My husband has pulled out the Sunday crossword puzzle and watermelon, so I think I'm off to do that. more soon.


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