Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bottoms Falling Out

Hey y'all -
It's been a topsy-turvy couple of weeks here in New York what with the bottom falling out of Bear Stearns, and, well, I guess other bottoms falling out, too, so to speak. I'm sure Spitzer wishes he could turn back the clock and do some things over, though I can't even imagine how far back he'd want his clock to go. But speaking of turning back the clock, (and I don't mean daylight savings time, though we are in that now, too, but my sons are still going to bed at 7 pm - hooray! - though I've been wondering how much longer I have until my 4 year old looks at me and says, "It's not even dark. I'm staying up!" Please Lord, not soon!), but all this Spitzer stuff reminded me of my previous career, and I don't mean one like Kristen's. When I was acting in LA, I did an episode on a Lifetime series called, "The Divison" with Bonnie Bedelia, who was fabulous, and Jon Hamm before his present day fame in AMC's HBO-like "Mad Men" and I played a madame. It was fun and silly, and we shot it in what used to be the original Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood from the thirties, that of course had been torn down, then they tried to build it back, but couldn't, but that's LA. So here is the clip of a scene I did if you wanna see it. But, if you do, okay, can we talk about the make-up?? Oh my God, what was that?? If anyone ever needed proof of that beauty-magazine adage that wearing too much make-up adds years to your looks, here it is. Or maybe the make-up artist decided that the hard-core aspect of being in "the life" had taken its toll on me. Though actually, he was really sweet and turned out that he knew uber-hairdresser Sam Brocato, who I used to model for in Baton Rouge (yes, Baton Rouge had an uber-hairdresser) and totally had a huge crush on which was a bit of a problem for a lot of reasons, but that's another blog post. Or novel.


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I must have missed this one! will have to view that link

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