Friday, October 24, 2008

Albany, the Internet, and erstaz LA

Hey y'all,
On Wednesday, I drove up to Albany to speak at a meeting of the superintendents of the special act schools in New York about Spoken Interludes Next, the outreach writing program for at-risk youth that I developed and run. The meeting was at The Century House Hotel in Latham, just outside of Albany. I got there right at lunch time, and had some yummy squash soup and pasta salad while I spoke to them about the program. They all want the program for their schools, which I am thrilled about, but now to find the funding! ;) Then I got back in my car and drove home. The whole drive was the 87 and I really enjoyed the 2 and a half hours there and back alone in the car. the leaves are just about to be at peak, and most of the drive is just stretches of landscape. it was very relaxing.
I also was able to speak to a woman - using my ear piece, not hand held! ;) - that I've been wanting to talk to for research for my new book, so it was heaven being able to be on the phone with her for a whole uninterrupted hour. She gave me some great stuff that will be very helpful. Then that night, I did a call-in show with Book Club Girl about The Safety of Secrets - check it out here. It was lots of fun. It was great to hear from so many readers, and people asked questions that I hadn't heard before, and that is always fun. I felt like I learned things about my book from the readers' feedback. Then last night, I was in Riverdale doing a benefit for the Riverdale Senior Services Center. It was at the home of Dr. Jonathan Zizmor and his wife, Alexandra. They couldn't have been more lovely and sweet. Alexandra made a gorgeous meal. Two kinds of salmon, fried chicken, amazing salads, rice, pasta. The only thing that kept me from eating tons was seeing the desserts that were waiting, and not wanting to be too full for when I had to read and speak about the book. I felt like I was back in LA in one of those fabulous Spanish style mansions that are all over the Hollywood hills. Their home was that style, and gorgeous, and it was a wonderful eclectic group of people. It was great fun.
But now it is all about Halloween costumes!!!


Blogger A Beautiful Mind said...

Spoken Interludes Next sounds phenomenal! I am currently interning at Teen Voices Magazine in Boston, MA which is written by "at-risk" teen girls in Boston and also prints submissions from teen girls all over the world. If you would like to talk with someone at Teen Voices about procuring funding, etc., just send me an email or comment on my blog and I will connect you with the powers that be. In any case, it is a wonderful thing you are doing and I wish you the best!
<3, xoxoxo, Alex

October 26, 2008 at 9:37 PM  

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