Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meet My Ex

There comes a point in most - or some, depending upon jealousy issues - marriages when eventually one's spouse is introduced to one's ex. My marriage reached that point a few nights ago when my husband and I saw the current production of "Gypsy" now playing on Broadway, with my ex-longterm-boyfriend, Boyd Gaines, in the male lead role. Considering that we watched Boyd for almost three whole hours before we met for drinks, I think that is a pretty strong indication that my husband falls in the not-jealous category. Besides which, we loved the show. If you are anywhere near NY, do not miss it!!!!! Boyd gives yet another of his incredible performances, imbuing the character with such life and humor and heart - he literally makes you laugh and cry. And Patti Lupone is a masterpiece. I have never seen an actor and a role fit so perfectly that it is hard to believe she had to learn lines and songs for it. It is a production to remember for lifetime. So after it was over, we went for a drink at a clubby little bar that used to be Upstairs at Joe Allen's, but I have no idea what it is named now, and we had a great time. Boyd and my husband got on famously, and the circumstances reminded me of one of my favorite Boyd stories:
Boyd went to see former girlfriend, Megan Gallagher (she was with him before me) in a play, and goes backstage afterwards to see her. He is in her dressing room, when Megan's boyfriend comes in, but the boyfriend just starts talking to Megan, and doesn't acknowledge Boyd. Now Boyd knows that this boyfriend knows that he used to date Megan, and being the Southern gentleman that he is, at a lull in the conversation, Boyd puts his hand out to the man and introduces himself.
The man looks at him completely appalled and says, "Okay." as if the situation is anything but.
Boyd ponders this for a moment, then says, "Perhaps you didn't hear me, I said, 'I'm Boyd Gaines.'"
"Oh!" the man replied. "I thought you said, "Let's avoid games."
Which pretty much sums up those situations, doesn't it?


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